Introducing BeeSong – for beginner songwriters

Everyone is a songwriter. We are born with an innate ability to makes sounds, beat a drum, hear pitch and sing (well most of us!).

When we are young we are taught children’s songs about lambs, incy-wincy spiders, errant eggs and farmers dogs. This teaches us basic rhythm and melody and how to communicate and pronounce sounds effectively but mostly it’s fun.

Songs are a shared tradition from the age of cavemen to the age of iTunes but people have become passive to music, listeners and not contributors. They have lost the confidence and practice of this most natural skill through the rise and dominance of broadcast media. Songwriting has become a niche skill.

Some, like me and you, have been inspired by bands or singers to take up the lost art, and immediately were railroaded into concerns about marketing, correct song formats and how to “100% write a hit song”. All this rigidity over complicated and took away the fun and mystery.

At the heart of songwriting, is a journey, an exploration and a discipline, and like all great arts it leads us to surprising discoveries, inspiration and wonder.

But you need to know the basics and how to do the work.

And this is what I’m starting here. A place for lovers and writers of songs to learn and share their craft.

Songwriting at its heart is natural and everyone who has ever hummed a tune, made up new lyrics to a song or been inspired by other songwriters has the aptitude to write great songs.

Over the next few months, I will be firing up this blog with a series of songwriting insights aimed at those starting out: beginner songwriters.

The aim is to build towards the release of an e-book or training series that strips out all the rubbish and gives you the basic building blocks with which to build your craft. I promise that I will research all the best information out there for you, distil it and make the journey affordable and fun.

I’ve been writing songs in bands for over 20 years and have been amazed at what songwriting offers and would like to give the next group a leg up in this amazing journey.

To start the ball rolling, I’m asking people to fill in this simple 5-minute survey. For your efforts, you’ll be on the beta list for my e-book/series and as such receive all the goodies before everyone else, and you’ll also get the final copy for free. There’s really nothing to lose so jump in and complete it now. Click here to take survey

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